Digital Forensics

Did one mistake damage your precious memories and important documents?

All data-stored media such as smartphones, hard disks, usb memory, and external hard drives can be restored.
Data recovery can be performed for all cases of data loss, including deletion, virus intrusion, flooding, and corruption
We offer you the best way to recover your valuable data quickly.

Smartphone Recovery

Smartphone initialization, damage, flooding, deletion, etc
If data is lost due to a user's mistake
Recover data from memory on your smartphone

External Hard Recovery

When an external hard drive is damaged or not recognized, etc
Recoverable when data is lost

Restoring other data

If any other data is deleted, consult to proceed with recovery

Hard disk recovery

Logical damage, such as deletion, formatting, flooding, damage, etc
Recover to physical damage

USB Recovery

Either the usb itself is damaged or the virus causes the data to be
Recoverable if corrupted, data itself deleted, etc

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