Company Introduction

It protects the right to be forgotten and guarantees the right to pursue happiness
TopLogic Co., Ltd.

Are you taking a toll on your image with just one malicious post posted online?
TopLogic Co., Ltd. is an IT marketing analytics trade secret and uses professional analysis to post malicious postings
We will delete it legally and quickly.

Today, when reputation is an important evaluation criterion in modern society, reputation is an important factor as the first step in career management. TopLogic Co., Ltd. is doing its best to recover its image by deleting malicious posts that leak personal information or disparage images through online reputation management and conducting consulting on overall marketing.

To create a beautiful Internet culture where there are no people suffering online,

Top Logic will take the lead.

Top Logic Co., Ltd

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Top Logic Co., Ltd ㅣ CEO : Park Yong-sun ㅣPersonal Information Responsibility Manager : Lee Jeong-soo
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