Consultation procedure


Delete Digital


" Please fill out the application form on the website and send it to us by e-mail. "

There are documents required to delete a post.
Download the application form from the website, fill it out, and send it to us.
If the download does not work, please send a request to pjingam@hanmail.net. We will send you the form after confirmation.
Please sign the bottom of the power of attorney and send it along with a copy of your ID.


" We receive your application and give you a quote for posts to be deleted. "

The cost varies for each post to be deleted, and the amount is determined after consulting with the client.
Usually, estimates are made based on the number of cases, but in the case of reputation management, it is calculated based on the period.
■ Post Analysis
■ Analysis of channels to be deleted
■  Duration Analysis

Delete Progress

" We delete posts legally and quickly. "

The requested posts are searched and deleted by website, community, SNS, and portal sites.
■ Results of Analysis
■ Safety analysis
■ Prospect Analysis

Result response & follow-up management

"Even after notifying the deletion result by e-mail, we continue to actively consult. "

Submission method

Please choose one of the methods below to send your documents.

After sending, be sure to call us to confirm.

If it is difficult to prepare the documents, please contact us right away.

There may be additional requests for necessary documents during the process.

– Postal acceptance is not allowed.

E-Mail : pjingam@hanmail.net

Kakao Talk ID : del114


Digital forensics


" First, we check the client's requirements through phone, website, and Kakao Talk. "

Media delivery

" Please send the media for digital forensics by visiting, courier, or quick delivery. "

Recovery progress

" We use the latest technology to carry out recovery work. "

Reviewing and Reporting

" After verifying the error, we will send you a report on the recovery history. "

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