Fake News Removal Center

From the "fake news removal" on the way to the IT powerhouse.

Respecting the truth is the foundation of a democracy.

The process of spreading rumors and fake news through the Internet and social media is similar to the process of spreading epidemics.

The Fake News Removal Center was established in response to the need for a strong response to fake news that started with a single post or video like the source of an epidemic and spread quickly, inducing social chaos and endangering the safety and life of the people.

Provision of evidence to judge fake news
Seoul National University Press Information Research Institute

Introduction to the center

director of the center
Park Yong-sun (CEO of Top Logic Co., Ltd.)
Kang Dae-man (CEO of Kona Travel Co., Ltd.)

Kang Boram (Director of The Dream Dermatology)

Kim Seok-hoon (CEO of Design Group Raum Co., Ltd.)

Kim Young-tae (CEO of Graphene Tech)

Kim Se-hoon (Selected CEO)

Kim Won-kyu (CEO of Seokyoung Bond)

Kim Jae-hyung (CEO of Smart Construction Co., Ltd.)

Kim Tae-hong (CEO of Prime Motors Co., Ltd.)

Kim Hyung Yeol (CEO of Plastelicom)

Kim Hye-yeon (Lawyer of Hanbyul’s Partners)

Ryu Seung-hyun (CEO of Dodok f&c)

Ryu Ho-sung (CEO of UNCHANG)

Park Mi-sook (CEO of Hanmaeum Life)

Baek Se-ho (Team Leader of Peaflif)

Park Shin-ho (CEO of Lovely Cosmetics)

Park Jong-hak (CEO of Golden Tree Co., Ltd.)

Baek Hong-sung (Ample Tree Director)

Son Young-soo (CEO of Woorim Trading Co., Ltd.)

Song Sang-ju (CEO of Cheonyul Damage Assessment)
Shin Dong-hee (Jian tax accountant)

Ahn Sung-hee (Advanced Labor Corporation Labor Corporation)

Ahn Shin-gil (CEO of Dreammap Co., Ltd.)

Ahn Woo-suk (CEO of The Hambeads)

Woo Jung-hwa (CEO of Lifestyle Research Institute)

Yoon Jeong-jin (CEO of Groot Dental Clinic)

Lee Geon-ik (Gangnam, CEO of Hongdae Baryu Restaurant)

Lee Min-kyu (Lawyer)

Lee Young-jin (CEO of Accredited Media Co., Ltd

Lee Han-chang (Chairman of Bogeum Oriental Medicine Hospital)

Lee Ho-ik (CEO of LK Ventures Co., Ltd.)

Lim Jae-eun (CEO of licensed real estate agent)

Im Chi-sung (CEO of OK System Co., Ltd.)

Jeong Seon-kyo (Glasses, Representative of Apgujeong)

Jeong Yeon-ho (CEO of Jake Image Research Institute)

Jeong Chan-ik (Hanteo Sarang Construction Division)

Han Man-soo (CEO of The Balance Legal Affairs Office)

Han Si-woo (Director of Cosmo International Co., Ltd.)

Heo Yong-jae (Director of Hankyung Financial Services)
the duties of a committee member
Collaboration on the development of a healthy society among the members, fake news reports, and opinions on the overall operation of the center.

Recruitment of practicing activists

Support inquiries : pjingam@hanmail.net

an executive secretary

Lee Jung-soo
(Chief of Top Logic Co., Ltd.)

Contact information

E-Mail : pjingam@hanmail.net
Tel : 010-7488-8804

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