Delete Digital
A. The cost of processing the deletion service provided by TopLogic varies depending on the type, volume, and domestic and foreign sites. If you want more details about the cost, I recommend you to consultation. If you send the url or original text file of the post during the consultation, You can get a faster response.
A. The time required to delete may vary depending on the amount, number, and site where the post is located. For other details, please contact us.
A. The deletion work is done legally by thoroughly analyzing whether the post is a post that violates the privacy and human rights of the client or other rights, and we delete it neatly so that it does not become a legal problem after deletion. The method of deletion depends on the type of post, the site that contains the post, and so on.
A. The documents and collected Datas sent by the client will be safely stored using TopLogic’s internal storage method and destroyed immediately after the deletion process is completed, so you will have to submit the documents necessary for deletion again when applying for a new deletion.


Digital forensics
A. The cost of data recovery depends on the difficulty of data recovery and the time it takes to recover data. The time required to recover data depends on the data you want to recover, the media on which the recovery data is stored, and so on. In most cases, recovery is possible on the same day, but if the password is locked, it may take a long time to decrypt, so it may take more than 10 days. A more accurate answer to the data recovery period and cost can be made with a 1:1 inquiry.
A. Upon a customer’s request, we can issue a legally effective evidence appraisal, report, and opinion.

A. Please refer to the cases of those who request restoration to TopLogic.                                                                    1. If data is deleted by pressing the Delete button

2.When the old data is deleted by downloading a new version

3. Data is deleted due to virus intrusion

4. If the equipment is damaged due to flooding, fire, damage, etc In other cases, we recommend that you consult with us to find out whether or not to restore it.

When consulting, if you tell us the exact cause and the medium that needs data recovery, we can give you a quick answer.

A. The instructions for how to apply are written in detail on the website, and please click the arrow below to check.

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